Turk-Flix – All About Turkish Entertainment
Turk-Flix is a community which has come together in enjoying the Turkish culture, from the tasteful delights, to the historic monuments throughout the country, with the ever growing popularity of Turkish cinema and TV productions. Turk-Flix is a platform which has articles in all areas of Turkish culture. We offer summaries of the weekly shows, articles on the famous faces of Turkish TV and music and recipes for the delights of Turkish foods and desserts. We also have a section on sports, history, landmarks, and travel. We also offer summaries and articles in Spanish and we hope we continue to update our Spanish members.

Turk-Flix – Members
We are a member based community and only offer subscriptions to a selected few. We trust all members to comply with our terms of use and service. We do not appreciate any members to share our work with anyone else without our consent. We have the right to remove members without notice. Membership runs from season to season, the shows usually start in September and end in summer, we only accept members in July and August ready to start our summaries of the shows and movies. All the information of the shows will be published with a brief synopsis and details of what time, date and channel will air the series.